Terms and Conditions

Please read and confirm that you have read and understood our Terms and Conditions of Let when booking.
Terms & Conditions of Let

1. No pets allowed.

2. No smoking in the Garden Flat.

3. The owners do not accept liability for loss or damage to guests’ personal belongings, and any belongings left behind at the end of the let will only be returned if the cost of postage is met.

4. The number of persons occupying the apartment should not exceed four.

5. Entry to the apartment will be granted at 2pm on the first day of the let. The apartment must be vacated by 10am on the last day of the let. The right is reserved to charge for an extra day if guests have not left by the time required, or if they arrive before 2pm on the first day of the let.

6. The apartment will be in a clean and tidy condition on arrival and guests are requested to leave it in like condition. The right is reserved to make a charge for additional cleaning if the property has not been left reasonably clean.

7. The right is reserved to make an additional charge when excessive gas or electricity is used. Guests are expected to use gas and electricity as they would in their own home, i.e. by switching off appliances which are not required; by turning off the heating in warm weather; by keeping the windows closed in cool weather, etc.

8. In respect of breakage, loss or damage, guests should report any deficiency that they notice on arrival, and any which occur during their visit. Where appropriate, guests will be liable to pay the replacement cost of the item broken, lost or damaged.

9. Any defects should be reported immediately to the owner. The owners reserve the right to enter the property at any reasonable time for the purposes of inspection, repair work, etc.

10. The advance payment made at the time of booking is not refundable. Payment in full for the let is due six weeks prior to commencement of the let, and failure to pay by this date will be deemed a cancellation. After full payment is made, refunds will not be given. It is suggested that guests arrange holiday insurance against possible cancellation after payment has been made.


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